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Decentralize.TV is a video show focused on exploring and teaching concepts of "decentralized living," which means shifting from centrally-controlled, authoritarian structures of society (central banks, medical mandates, Big Tech platforms, corporate food production, government schools, etc.) to peer-to-peer models that are largely uncensored and unstoppable by authorities.

Instead of Big Banks, we teach decentralized money: Gold, silver, crypto.

Instead of Big Ag, we teach local, sustainable food production and community agriculture.

Instead of Big Government, we teach local, self-deterministic, pro-liberty governance.

Instead of Big Tech and its outrageous censorship, we teach free speech, alternative platforms and decentralized communications.

Instead of Big Medicine, we teach medical self-reliance, nutrition, disease prevention and effective self-care.

"Decentralized living" is more honest, more redundant and more sustainable than centralized control structures.

The slogan of the show is, "Building the infrastructure for human freedom."

Decentralize.TV was founded by Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon.com, a free speech video network that denounces censorship and authoritarianism.

Our Code of Ethics:

  • We never charge guests to be interviewed. (Charging guests is actually a common practice across the crypto space.)
  • We disclose all sponsorships or affiliate relationships during the show.
  • All show hosts or co-hosts publicly disclose whether they hold coins being discussed on the show.
  • We will publish project ratings / scoring based on objective criteria, as we learn about each project and determine how coins, tokens or projects can be applied in real-world applications.
  • Aside from the ratings mentioned above, we do not "pump" coins, nor do we demand that viewers buy particular coins, and we do not push FOMO or speculation in crypto.
  • We do not push specific price predictions for any coin, token or project. We discuss trends, strengths and applications. Technical price analysis is not the focus of this show.
  • We make every effort to avoid publicizing any project that shows signs of being anything less than honest and viable. However, the DeFi space is a "Wild West" of the modern world, and some projects we cover will no doubt fail at some point, for a variety of reasons outside our control. Our approach is a good faith attempt to help share the news about projects that we believe to be viable and that hold real promise for the future of human freedom.
  • Our focus is the application of decentralized technology, discovering and developing new use cases that showcase the strengths and advantages of decentralized projects. We believe that value comes from utility (win/win), not from speculation (win/lose).
  • We espouse honesty, ethical principles, moral behavior, transparency and working for the "greater good" of society.
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